About Us

  • Dhammika Perera – Founder/CEO
    30+ years Analog/Power Semiconductor Engineering and Operations Executive.
  • Magnetics Expertise – 30+ years of industry experience in Magnetics. 26 Patents in Magnetics.
  • Packaging and Materials experience – 30+ Years, specializing Power Module packaging. 48 Patents in Power Packaging.
  • Systems Engineering Expertise – 20+ years in Power Applications and Systems design.
  • Test and Validation Expertise – 20+ years in Power test and validation engineering.
  • Product Engineering and Operations Expertise – 30+ years in Analog/Power Product Engineering and Operations.
  • Sales and Marketing Expertise 30+ Years.
  • Strong Executive/CEO level relationships with Assembly and Test subcontractors to achieve lowest cost, highest quality IC assembly and test.
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